Statesman Skyline Theater at the Long Center

General Rules

In the interest of public safety, guests are always subject to a search upon entering the venue. Guests who refuse to be searched may be denied entrance and refunded their ticket purchase price (excluding service charge fees). The Statesman Skyline Theater’s search policy is generally dictated by the type of event and the probability of guests carrying prohibited items into the venue.

To ensure that all of our guests have a safe and enjoyable experience, the Statesman Skyline Theater management will NOT tolerate the following actions from any guest:

  • Throwing any objects inside the venue or the surrounding grounds
  • Reselling tickets at any time on the venue grounds or Long Center property
  • Counterfeit tickets are prohibited. Guests attempting to use counterfeit tickets will be refused entry. Patrons assume all risk when purchasing tickets through non-authorized ticket centers. Learn more.
  • There is NO re-entry to the Statesman Skyline Theater shows. Some exceptions will be made, but you must have approval from the appropriate gate supervisor.
  • Soliciting or vending of any kind is NOT permitted on the grounds of the Statesman Skyline Theater or Long Center. This means we do not allow the distribution of fliers, selling of goods, etc., on our grounds unless authorized by the Statesman Skyline Theater management.
  • Smoking in areas other than venue designated smoking areas
  • Guests displaying evidence of illegal substance abuse or intoxication may be refused entry.
  • For safety reasons and in compliance with the State Fire Code, standing or dancing in designated aisles or on the stairways is NOT permitted.

Below you will find the Statesman Skyline Theater’s Alcohol Policy:

  • We ID EVERY-one, EVERY-time, EVERY-where. You MUST show an ID every time you buy alcohol.
  • The following forms of ID are accepted:
    • U.S. Driver’s License
    • U.S. Territory’s Driver License
    • U.S. State-issued ID card
    • Passport or Passport Card (this is the ONLY form of ID accepted for international guests)
    • Military ID
  • NON-acceptable forms of ID include: International Driver’s Licenses, Paper IDs (including copies of passports or passport cards)
  • 2 alcoholic drinks per ID per transaction

Alcohol sales will be shut off 30 minutes prior to the end of each event.

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