Statesman Skyline Theater at the Long Center

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Dedicated to the Fans

At the Skyline Theater our dedication is to treat the fans like stars.  Our goal is to continually create the most fan-centric experience in the industry.  We welcome our fans creativity, so get involved in helping craft the experience by voicing your ideas on our social media. We are committed to creating the absolute best live entertainment experience in the industry.

We are open to breaking the current paradigms and will try some creative new ideas that can enhance the experience even further. Some will work, some might not, but we are willing to put ourselves out there and try–isn’t that what the Rock ‘n Roll industry should be all about (again)?

And you, the Fans, are the cornerstone of this movement. So give us your ideas, your thoughts, your furstrations and anything else that can help further the conversation of free-flowing collaboration. Please visit our Skyline facebook page and join in the conversation with your ideas and comment on what others are throwing out there.

Come find us on facebook, twitter and instagram!

We look forward to seeing you at the shows in 2016!

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